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Firearm Transfers
I am happy to handle your firearm transfers for you.
     I charge $25 to perform the NICS background check and related paperwork.
Just send an e-mail to: >><< giving me your name, the Seller's e-mail address, Item # (if it's an auction) and a brief description of the gun. I will forward to them a copy of my license. When the gun arrives I will notify you to come over, we do the background check, and you take it home.
Concealed Carry (CCW) Classes
Please see the page titled "Concealed Carry" for details on my classes.
Gunsmithing Services
I offer standard gunsmithing services to include: firearm repair, firearm reassembly, hard-to-find parts, scope mounting and sighting in, blueing, open sight replacement and sighting in, ultrasonic cleaning, trigger pull weight adjustments and other gunsmith-related tasks.
I stock and sell new and used guns. The guns we have for sale are displayed. See the "New Guns", "Used Guns", and "$99 or Less Guns" pages.
I will buy your old gun, regardless of condition.
I can also order any new gun for your. I am a Factory Dealer for Charter Arms, Cimarron Firearm, Kahr Arms (Auto-Ordanance) and others. I can quickly get you any new gun from our Distributors (if in stock) and will quote a price and delivery time.
Firearm Sales
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